Those who stay


This documentary is dedicated tho all those people,

who do not forget those who already forgot them.

Alzheimer is a disease affecting more and more people in the world. The most terrible among its symptoms is the lost of memories, the inexorable dissolution of a life. There is not a cure yet for this suffering: it can be fought only through research and, above all, love and dedication. 

The documentary recounts with  sensitivity the dismay of those who see their familiars turning into a shadow, and it  focuses on the courage of those who assist a beloved person who is slowly deleting them from his memories.

Pakistan, in the abyss of heroin

Incredulity, desperation and resignation, dreams melting like snow in the sun: that is what Alzheimer brings in a family. However, from that darkness, you can see invincible loves emerging, loves that not even Alzheimer can take away.

It is the love of “Those who stay”.

by Marco Toscani – Winner of the Reporter Day 2017