El Salvador, Departamento De La Libertad.
Criminologist Israel Ticas working on an excavation site where the body of a 15 years old boy killed by Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) was found.

Coming soon: The triangle of death

Federico Vespignani, winner of the Reporter Day 2017, is going to leave for “El Triangolo del Norte”, an area including El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. 

Here, during the last ten years, the number of  desaparecidos was unprecedented.


Gli Occhi della Guerra will investigate on what is hiding behind these disappearances: a twist of  crime, violence and human beings trafficking.

With the help of criminologists, police detectives, medical examiners and associations in support of the familiars of the desaparecidos, we will show how fear is yet a part of the reality of three different populations. 

The truth about Bana, the girl of Aleppo

Through photos and videos, Vespignani will lead us in one of the most violent places of the world, where people do not just dye. They disappear.


Pictures by Federico Vespignani