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    An “Arabic spring” starting in Morocco?

    After six years an “Arabic spring” has possibly begun. But this time the epicenter of the revolt is Morocco, which seemed the most stable of all the Arabic countries and was just touched upon by the revolution that in 2011 swept them away one after the other the raiss of Northafrica

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    The opioid crisis in America

    There is a serious national crisis ongoing in the United States of America, caused by the continuous increase of the number of dead from


    500 Euros to get to Europe


    We tried, but it didn’t go well. The story of Samir, Lutfi and Omar is one of three economic migrants, of three 

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    International success for Mwavita

    Since the reportage ‘Mwavita, born in time of war’ by Daniele Bellocchio and Marco Gualazzini Mwavita that covered the rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo was realized back in February, the short documentary film has won five prestigious national and international awards

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    USA’s hands on Syria

    The struggle for the liberation of Raqqa from the Islamic State represents a fundamental piece in Washington’s strategy

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    Sioux, the last Native American

    When I was a child I supported the Native Americans, my grandfather read Tex and I felt a sort of helplessness when I saw them in the western movies

  • Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Kivu, Bukavu. 03/02/2017. Panzi Hospital in Bukavu has become one of the benchmark centres for women who have suffered sexual abuse. The hospital offers a complete treatment programme, ranging from emergency surgery to support with a view to social and economic reintegration into the community the women belong to.

    Mwavita, born in a time of war

    Mwavita Born in a time of war is one of the finalist works of the Marco Luchetta International Journalism Award. The Award aims to consider journalism that reveals the amount of suffering in the world of those who have been subject to violence.