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    Pain is pleasure

    ”Shiny shiny, shiny boots of leather, whiplash girlchild in the dark. Comes in bells, your servant, don’t forsake him strike,

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    The endless battle

    “It happens everyday”. Michel Thouvenin crosses his arms and looks to the barley field on his left.

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    Welcome to Doel

    Only twenty out of the eight hundred inhabitants who crowded the village of Doel during the Nineties still live here. Read the reportage from the ghost village in Belgium.

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    The Estonian war games

    In a cold and moist morning of May Ivar, the head of the Kaitseliit of the Luganuse section, leaves at down to

  • El Salvador, Departamento De La Libertad.
Criminologist Israel Ticas working on an excavation site where the body of a 15 years old boy killed by Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) was found.

    Coming soon: The triangle of death

    Federico Vespignani, winner of the Reporter Day 2017, is going to leave for “El Triangolo del Norte”, an area including El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. 

    Here, during the last ten years, the number of  desaparecidos was unprecedented.


    Gli Occhi della Guerra will investigate on what is hiding behind these disappearances: a twist of  crime, violence and human beings trafficking.

    With the help of criminologists, police detectives, medical examiners and associations in support of the familiars of the desaparecidos, we will show how fear is yet a part of the reality of three different populations. 

    Through photos and videos, Vespignani will lead us in one of the most violent places of the world, where people do not just dye. They disappear.


    Pictures by Federico Vespignani

  • Cattura

    Those who stay


    This documentary is dedicated tho all those people,

    who do not forget those who already forgot them.

    Alzheimer is a disease affecting more and more people in the world. The most terrible among its symptoms is the lost of memories, the inexorable dissolution of a life. There is not a cure yet for this suffering: it can be fought only through research and, above all, love and dedication. 

    The documentary recounts with  sensitivity the dismay of those who see their familiars turning into a shadow, and it  focuses on the courage of those who assist a beloved person who is slowly deleting them from his memories.

    Incredulity, desperation and resignation, dreams melting like snow in the sun: that is what Alzheimer brings in a family. However, from that darkness, you can see invincible loves emerging, loves that not even Alzheimer can take away.

    It is the love of “Those who stay”.

    by Marco Toscani – Winner of the Reporter Day 2017



  • Asia, Pakistan, Lahore. 17/04/2017. The Easter vigil in the Lahore Cathedral. Christians represent the 2.5% of the population. The Islamic Sharia brought persecution and strong discrimination towards this minority forced to humble work. The main problem is the law that condemned blasphemy. Each type of controversy between Christians and Muslims is often resolved from Muslims accusing the “other side” of this kind of crime for which you can be put in jail with capital law with only one available testimony.

    Those Muslims defending Christians

    It was Easter of 2016, when across the whole city of Lahore rumors stared spreading about a kamikaze explosion inside the Gulshan and Iqbal Park, which caused a massacre

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    A journey through the Sufism

    Karachi, the second megalopolis of the world, a monolith of cement and discharges of waste water, a crazy ants nest made of frenzy, fury, misery and money

  • (FILES) - A file picture released on Jan...(FILES) - A file picture released on January 20, 2014, shows Syrian President Bashar al-Assad speaking during an interview with AFP at the presidential palace in Damascus on the weekend. Coalition strikes against the Islamic State group are having no impact, Syrian leader Assad said in an interview to be published on December 4, 2014, as leaders of the US-led offensive claimed to be winning. AFP PHOTO/JOSEPH EID  JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images

    Syria: Assad talks

    Even tough the attention of the media focused on the fight against Isis in the North-East of Syria and

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    Pakistan, in the abyss of heroin

    This is the abyss: absolute, equaliser, inhumane and stigmatised. An abyss that exists in humans, in humans who are all the same, without any pathway or any hope.

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