• Protesters against changes to Ukrainian Constitution clash with police in front of Ukrainian Parliament in Kiev, Ukraine, 31 August 2015 as lawmakers accepted the project to changing Ukrainian Constitution about decentralization of power in first reading. A grenade exploded outside Ukraine's parliament 31 August during a protest as legislators voted in favour of a draft law to give special status to the eastern regions that are locked in a conflict between the Ukrainian military and pro-Russian separatists. Local media reports said that the grenade was thrown into a cordon of police and national guardsmen in Kiev. Dozens of people were reportedly injured.  ANSA/SERGEY DOLZHENKO

    Trasparenza / Ucraina

    A fine gennaio 2014, il giornalista Fausto Biloslavo è andato in Ucraina per farci conoscere un Paese sul filo della guerra civile. 

  • libia-Sirte

    Trasparenza / Libia

    A inizio febbraio 2014, il giornalista Gian Micalessin è andato in Libia per poter raccontare il disordine libico che minaccia tutti noi.

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